The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful…

About that “no rules” rule I spoke of in my last post: I don’t plan to censor my content, because life refuses to censor for me.
Today I’m sitting in the ER of my local hospital, holding my Grandmother’s hand while she shakes and sobs over my Grandfather, who is laying in the gurney beside us. Granted: he’s absolutely fine, and has only pinched a nerve, however, at his age (87 years wise), any injury or illness can be quite a setback. This post should most seemingly be subjected on the patient in the hospital bed, and yet, he is not the source of my most concern. My Grandmother, my MomMaw, my namesake, my hero, fights a battle every minute of her life. She doesn’t battle alone, however. We’re fighting a war in which we will never rise the victor. My family is battling Alzheimer’s Disease. Unquestionably, to our minds, the most devastating ailment known to man. Our family lost my maternal grandmother to the same fate several years ago, and we are no strangers to the process. Additionally, I have since studied, become certified in many aspects, and devote much of my life to the disease, it’s victims, and the betterment of the quality of life for those affected both directly and indirectly. Because, when it come to Alzheimer’s, there truly is no “indirect” affect.
As for now, I will leave you here while I accompany my Pop to the X-ray dept, and trust my family to console my MomMaw.
Until next time,
Be thinking of us.
Laura Lee

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