Aug 2014 – Current


3rd I Collaboratives

In this unique position with 3rd I Collaboratives, I have had the pleasure of wearing both of my favorite hats and bridging the proverbial gap between Project management and UX Design/Architecture. I have been so thankful to get back to design/architecture again while I am also free to flex my management muscles. 3rd I is such a unique and dynamic company, who has hands in such a wide variety and eclectic sampling of fields, which has allowed me to utilize my strengths and skills in both PM and UX as applied in so many different ways to serve each wildly different business sector. With 3rd I, I am currently managing and designing for projects that will contribute to the financial/credit, travel, personal growth, pet/animal service, SEO Marketing, and digital real estate sectors. While working with small, already formed, teams who have come together to best highlight each other’s strongest abilities in order to produce exemplary work with great ease and little distraction, I have had my horizons expanded exponentially. This position provides a new view on how streamlined each project can truly be. I have gained valuable experience and ideas while working with this wonderful company.

Nov. 2012 – Aug. 2014



In the position of Project Manager with this powerhouse company, I successfully managed multiple teams while supporting and leading them to produce gainful deliverables that went on to please and impress our clients. The cohesive team effort involved in each project is directly dependent upon the building of said team. My ability to not only differentiate between my staff’s strongest personal abilities, but also to judge who will work best with whom, has greatly attributed to my teams’ successes.

May 2011 – Nov. 2012



As Project Manager for Allstate, I played a key role in the development and implementation of various training materials for their facutly, as well as provided post-implementation support for said materials. I worked with an astounding team, who taught me all about how smoothly a group can work together. Working with that team and that company raised my bar for what I consider to be acceptable within the parameters of a team based work place.

Feb. 2008 – Apr. 2011



In the position of Project Manager with this company, I managed and encouraged my team to successfully complete numerous projects, utilizing such methodologies as Waterfall and Agile. In order to facilitate the completion and finished product of these projects I planned, coordinated, implemented, and finalized projects according to specifications and deadlines, all while working strictly within set budgets.

Jan. 2003 – Jan. 2008



As the Director of Marketing and Admissions (DOMA) for this powerhouse Long Term Care company I bore an extreme amount of responsibility, and I thrived in doing so. I was soley responsible for garnering and fostering relationships between my facilities, the health community (both corporate and front line), prospective residents, and the residential communities as a whole. I, single handedly brought in and admitted all residents, in order to meet and exceed census budgets and expectations. I also built rapports with physicians, surgeons, caseworkers, referral agents, adult protective services, and numerous elderly housing and service providers. Around all of the social aspects and challenges, I commanded drastically strict time and monetary budgets, while negotiating every and all advertising contracts across such platforms as radio, television, billboard and publication. All duties performed were completed while adhering to a disciplined (yet, flexible) time schedule, which I made for myself and augmented constantly throughout the day according to any surprises that might have introduced themselves.

Always – Forever


My World

My heart and my passion beats with the craving to create. Through such themes as writing, photography, wood working, and even mechanics, I find that my life thrives while I flex my creative muscles and produce “deliverables” that serve myself and those around me. The heart and imagination that is poured into these independent projects make them highly impelling and appreciated by the masses.

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Project Management

UX Architecture

Contract Negotiation

Comprehensive Marketing

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Personal Skills


Cost Analysis/Budgeting

Consultative Sales

Conflict Resolution


Marcus Randall

Director of Technology – 3rd I Collaboratives

”Laura Lee has a great aesthetic eye and a unique way of viewing and tackling projects. She is able to walk into any group  and instantly “fit in” and lead the team in collaboration. I value Laura Lee’s work as well as her opinion, and would highly recommend her for any position she felt compelled to apply for.”

Denise Duke

General Manager / Freelancer

”Working Freelance is all about organization, strict time management, and overflowing creativity. Laura Lee hits all the marks. I truly value our professional relationship and the access to her expertise when working on my own pieces. Her generosity and willingness to help wherever she can sets her apart in this day and age.”

Michael Mia

Director of Technology – Care Innovations

”Laura Lee is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the various personalities involved with her last project. She is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. Laura Lee possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. I am happy to recommend Laura Lee Evans to manage any project.”