Aug 2014 – Current


3rd I Collaboratives

In this unique position with 3rd I Collaboratives I have had the pleasure of working with a small, already formed, team who have come together to best highlight each other’s strongest abilities in order to produce exemplary work with great ease and little distraction. This position provides a new view on how streamlined each project can truly be. I have gained valuable experience and ideas while working with this wonderful company.

Nov. 2012 – Aug. 2014


Saint Vincent Hospitals

As a Lead Project Manager for this powerhouse company I identified and managed internal and external resources in partnership with creative leads to best manage workload and ensure all deliverables and deadlines were met.

May 2011 – Nov. 2012


Cardon Healthcare

As Project Manager for this company I formed teams of personnel from a number of departments, such as information technology, purchasing, product development, marketing and distribution to ensure each task was covered and each project received the full time, focus, and expertise that it deserved. The outcomes were wonderfully comprehensive and productive.

Jan. 2008 – Apr. 2011



In the position of Project Manager with this company I managed and encouraged my team to successfully complete numerous projects, utilizing such methods as Waterfall and Agile Scrum. In order to facilitate the completion and finished product of these projects I planned, coordinated, implemented, and finalized projects according to specifications and deadlines, all while working strictly within set budgets.

Sept. 2005 – Dec. 2007



In my time spent serving Allstate via contract I was proud to have developed creative and intricate, yet specified web applications that were cross browser and Section 508 ADA compliant. In order to successfully conquer these projects I conducted usability testing, application analysis, code reviews, and resolved accessibility issues within an Agile environment. This contract served as my formal introduction to Agile and I have been grateful for that introduction ever since.

Always – Forever


My World

My heart and my passion beats with the craving to create. Through such themes as writing, photography, wood working, and even mechanics, I find that my life thrives while I flex my creative muscles and produce “deliverables” that serve myself and those around me. The heart and imagination that is poured into these independent projects make them highly impelling and appreciated by the masses.

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Professional Skills

Project Management

UX Architecture

Creative Writing

Proof Reading/Copy Writing

Technical Skills


Website Design

Graphic Design


Design Skills






Marcus Randall

Director of Technology – 3rd I Collaboratives

”Laura Lee has a great aesthetic eye and a unique way of viewing and tackling projects. She is able to walk into any group  and instantly “fit in” and lead the team in collaboration. I value Laura Lee’s work as well as her opinion, and would highly recommend her for any position she felt compelled to apply for.”

Denise Duke

General Manager / Freelancer

”Working Freelance is all about organization, strict time management, and overflowing creativity. Laura Lee hits all the marks. I truly value our professional relationship and the access her expertise when working on my own pieces. Her generosity and willingness to help wherever she can sets her apart in this day and age.”

Michael Mia

Director of Technology – Care Innovations

”Laura Lee is highly respected by her colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the various personalities involved with her last project. She is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project. Laura possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. I am happy to recommend Laura Evans to manage any project.”